Transforming Together

Collaborative solutioning, because you know your business better.

Transforming Together

Collaborative solutioning, because you know your business better.

Digital transformation is an ever-evolving realm and means different things for different organisations. Thakral One commits to supporting your transformative digital journeys, from strategy to execution. Technology is now agile, and flexible, and we must also be.

Banking & Finance

To standout in a competitive market, banks need to deliver consistent and highly personalised client experiences while adhering to strict security or compliance regulations. Thakral One offers a range of services and technology solutions to help banks stay ahead. We aim to achieve successful transformation and outcomes by leveraging our technology partnerships, methodologies, and capabilities, guided by our clients’ deep industry expertise.


Communications Service Providers are constantly treading waters to face the challenges of disruptive technologies, customer demands, and steep competition. Thakral One provides solutions and capabilities aimed at developing immersive and engaging experiences for end customers. The goal is to go further by leveraging technology and data analytics to optimise operations, grow revenue generating engines, better manage risk, and strengthen fraud security.


The volume of customer interactions along with the adoption of digital transformation means that the amount of data that the insurance industry is dealing with is exploding exponentially. Thakral One is helping insurers to better understand and serve chosen customer segments, and to design more targeted campaigns and engagement strategies. Our teams also work on optimising operations by scientifically identifying cost reduction opportunities, maximising channel revenues, and managing risk.


The global pandemic has significantly hastened the need for digitisation and integration of health IT to better manage information and improve quality and response times. Healthcare providers are especially looking to increase the burden of proof for almost all decisions. Thakral One is working with leading institutions to navigate increasingly intersected and data-rich ecosystems through modernising core systems, improving architecture, and extracting actionable insights from internal and external data.

Gaming & Hospitality

The Gaming & Hospitality industry is one of the most diverse sectors with a range of data coming from table games, slot machines, sports betting to hotels, food, and retail. Using analytics and AI, Thakral One is working with leading gaming companies to deliver higher-value patron experience, and to identify actionable sources of revenue growth.

Retail & Lifestyle

Data volume growth in B2C industries presents a wide sandbox of data-driven solution opportunities, impacting customer loyalty, profit margins, shelf optimisation, demand forecasting and information security. Thakral One works with large Retail and Lifestyle players to uncover sales trends, optimise inventory, improve R&D outcomes, enhance channel performance, and make product development decisions more data-enabled.


Manufacturers are moving strongly towards the agile adoption of robust technology, data-driven process optimisation and digital applications. Thakral One has been serving manufacturers since our inception with a host of end-to-end, integrated solutions, and augmented expertise.


The rapidly evolving utilities landscape and spike in digital-empowered consumers have pushed digitalisation. This pivot enables new value opportunities for businesses, unique innovations for the ecosystem, and increased transparency for customers. Thakral One collaborates with utility companies to unlock value from consumption data, deliver operational efficiency, and transform into a digital service provider.

Renewable Energy

With consumers, businesses, and nations demanding cleaner energy choices and sustainability initiatives, renewables have taken a leap towards becoming mainstream rather than alternative. Thakral One has been helping renewable energy companies to digitise, extract value from data, and leverage technology for greater operational efficiency. The future must be about going green and we aim to be a catalyst in this journey.

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