BI Consultant

Location: Vietnam


Technical Consultant


Hanoi, Vietnam


  1. Act as a technical consultant or developer for a Business Analytics or solutions implementation project, presales support activities, managed services, and other Solutions Division engagements.
  2. Support in the design, development, testing, implementation, and/or maintenance support services for Data Management and/or Business Intelligence products and solutions. Manifests expertise in a specific Data Foundation/Business Intelligence solution (e.g. SAS, Microsoft, Oracle, AWS, etc.).  Has exposure and knowledge in end-to-end implementation of data management and business intelligence and analytics solutions. 
  3. Works with the business analyst in the gathering and analysis of the functional and non-functional requirements for the solution providing the perspective for the various aspects of data management and business intelligence. Can understand the business needs and data requirements to translate them into technical work products and clarifies with the business analysts and other members of the team as necessary.
  4. Assists the data architect in the definition of the design for data models/structures and data flow/integration processes. Can be asked to initially design the data model to be enhanced and reviewed by the data architect.
  5. Actively participates in the understanding of the data sources and designs the extraction, transformation, cleansing, and integration processes that may have to be applied based on the gathered business rules.
  6. Leads the development of the technical work products and builds specialization in a combination of the following:
    1. ETL packages
      1. Includes the batch or real-time extraction, transformation, integration, and loading of data within a traditional data warehouse or database management environment
      2. Includes the orchestration of the ETL packages
    2. Data Engineering solution
      1. Includes the batch or real-time ingestion and transformation of data within a big data, data lake, or cloud environment
      2. Includes the orchestration of the big data/data lake/cloud codes
    3. Reporting or Visualization objects
      1. Includes the data preparation and the visualization, formatting of data, as well as the publication of reports to the local/server/cloud environment
      2. Includes the definition of the reporting/visualization metadata – covering the data access, creation of queries or data extract, modeling and definition of fields and calculations
  7. Assist in growing the Business Analytics practice – which includes but is not limited to:
    1. Collaboration with partners (Sales and Solutions Architects) for projects and opportunities
    2. Understanding current and assessing new solutions that can be offered to the market
    3. Research/Participation to and Propagation/Maximization of courses and conferences for enhancement of self and/or other members of the practice
    4. Assist in the development and expansion of skills and capabilities for data management, integration, and business intelligence
  8. Collaborate with the various practices for the building of synergies for more holistic and mature offers to the market
  9. Work with the Sales Team and perform the following pre-sales tasks:
    1. Respond to Request for Proposals
    2. Design the Solution
    3. Define the various cost components of the solution
    4. Present and defend the Solution to the Customer
    5. Define the scope of work and assumptions
    6. Estimate the timeline for the engagement
    7. Estimate the manpower required
    8. Develop and present a Proof of Concept, if necessary
  10. Perform direct interaction with the technical and functional representatives of customers for:
    1. Project Execution – Act as Solution Specialist/Technical Expert for assistance to project implementation and/or performance of Quality Assurance requirements
    2. Pre-Sales – Gather business pains/challenges, and technical concerns and be able to design and articulate the appropriate solution
  11. Provide reports to the Sales Team and the Practice Leads for the updates/status of opportunities and projects
  12. Support activities to win a deal or opportunity
  13. Assist in exploring partnerships within the market for building offers for Analytics
  14. Help establish the Data Governance practice – which includes the development of a Data Governance Framework that can be offered to various organizations, Technical and Business Metadata Management (Defining Business Glossaries), Data Stewardship rules/processes
  15. Ensure enablement of self on data management, visualization and reporting, and solution components related to the Solutions and Services being offered by VN Solutions Division and BA Practice in the region.  May also be required to support the enablement of team members or colleagues, if applicable.
  16. Open to developing him/herself in other BFSI Solutions such as Digital Banking, Lending, Risk Management, Scoring Engine…
  17. In the future, may act as Functional Manager to primarily oversee the career development of specific individuals


  1. Must have total working experience in Data and Analytics for 5 to 8 years
  2. Has experience in Data Warehouse / Big Data projects for various industries.  Experience in the Banking, Retail, and Manufacturing sectors is desired.
  3. Expertise in any of the following reporting/visualization and data preparation components of the tools: Microsoft Power BI, Reporting Services, SAS Visual Analytics, SAS Enterprise Guide, Base SAS, Tableau, etc.
  4. Expertise in any of the following data management solutions: Informatica, Microsoft Integration Services, SAS Data Integration, Talend Data Integration, MapReduce, Python+Spark
  5. Expertise in database management systems including tables, views, relationships, ER Diagrams
  6. High proficiency in understanding and writing SQL Queries
  7. Experience in implementing cloud solutions which may include Microsoft Azure, AWS, Cloudera, Google Cloud, or Oracle Cloud
  8. Experience in Big Data technologies for data engineering is desired.  This may include Java, Kafka, Spark, Sqoop, and Hive. 
  9. Knowledge and appreciation of building advanced analytical models in open-source solutions such as R and Python
  10. Knowledge in designing/implementing Data Quality Management solutions and Data Governance frameworks is desired
  11. Knowledge and experience in other BFSI areas such as Digital Banking, Lending, and Risk Management… is a plus.
  12. Has experience in conducting training and/or presentations
  13. Has performed pre-sales work or at least some capacity of designing and championing solutions within an organization such as an Architecture Review Board
  14. Good oral and written communication skills in both Vietnamese and English
  15. Represent the division and the Company with good work ethics, and observe compliance to data privacy/confidentiality, while still achieving customer-centricity.

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