Data Engineer (SAS)

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Senior Associate Consultant , Technical Consultant


  • Provides the business analyst with the various facets of the solutions to be determined, such as interactivity, security, access and control features of the tool, which are to be used as input for the finalization of the functional and non-functional requirements to be finalized with the customer
  • Understands the business needs and data requirements in order to translate them into technical work products; Clarifies with the business analysts and other members of the team as necessary
  • Assists the solution architect with the features of the tool in order to properly consider possibilities and constraints for implementation
  • Assists the data architect in the definition of the design for data models/structures and data flow/integration processes
  • Develops and execute queries/data ingestion processes to the data source and conduct analyses; This may be batch or real-time extraction depending on the need of the customer
  • Develops the technical work products and build specialization in any of the following:
    • ETL packages – Includes the batch or real-time extraction, transformation, integration and loading of data within a traditional Data Warehouse or Database Management environment; includes the orchestration of the ETL packages
    • Data Engineering solution – Includes the batch or real-time ingestion and transformation of data within a Big Data or Data Lake environment; Includes the orchestration of the Big Data codes
    • Reporting or Visualization objects – Includes the data preparation and the visualization, formatting of data, as well as the publication of reports to the Server/Cloud environment; Includes the definition of the reporting/visualization metadata – covering the data access, creation of queries or data extract, modelling and definition of fields and calculations
  • Conducts unit testing and troubleshooting
  • Collaborates with teams to integrate developed component
  • Assists in the User Acceptance Test activities with primary focus on the investigation of testing results/feedback
  • Provide maintenance and support services to the technical work products developed
  • Provides updates to the team lead regarding the status of activities
  • Raises any issues encountered to the team lead for immediate action and/or resolution
  • Assists in the creation and update of technical documentation


  • Bachelor’s degree preferably in Business, Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics or related field.
  • Has 3 to less than 5 Years of experience in data management or reporting/visualization in any of the aforementioned solutions
  • For Reporting/Visualization specialists – Has achieved 2nd level certification in at least 1 tool (i.e. SAS Certified Visual Business Analyst: Exploration and Design Using SAS Visual Analytics, MCSA – Reporting for Microsoft)
  • For Data Integration specialists – Has passed certification exam in at least 1 tool (i.e. Talend Certified Data Integration Developer, SAS Certified Data Integration Developer)
  • Working knowledge in reporting/visualization and data preparation components of the tools: Microsoft   Power BI, Reporting Services, SAS Visual Analytics, SAS Enterprise Guide, Base SAS, Tableau OR
  • Working knowledge in any of the following data management solutions: Microsoft Integration Services, SAS Data Integration, Talend Data Integration, MapReduce, Python+Spark
  • Knowledge in database management systems including tables, views, relationships, ER Diagrams
  • Understanding and writing SQL Queries
  • Has understanding of database models for analytics and/or has attended enablement on this topic
  • Has the capacity to continuously establish a deeper understanding of the best practices for development of work products for data management or reports/visualization
  • Has good communication and technical writing skills

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