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Consulting Operations Associate (Regional)


As a Regional Consulting Operations Associate, you will own Thakral’s Business Analytics (BA) Division’s Resource Management process.  In this role you will regularly interact with BA Leadership, Country Lead, Business Development Managers, Sales/Presales and Practice Leads, Functional Managers, Human Resources, Recruitment, Learning & Development, Staff/Consultants and, in some instances, even external customers, to execute BA’s Resource Plan.  Your stakeholders will be local and regional.

On the side, you will support BA’s business and process initiatives and programs, in line with the company’s strategic and tactical goals.  The support that will expected from you will be commensurate to your level and competency, but you may be expected or asked to step up and go beyond your comfort zone from time to time when the situation calls for it.  BA Leadership provide you the appropriate support to succeed in your role.

  • As BA’s Resource Manager, you will:
    • Own BA’s end-to-end Resource Management encompassing the following:
      • Resource Planning & Forecasting
      • Resource Scheduling
      • Resource Allocation & Utilization
      • Resource Leveling validation with BA Leads
      • Resource onboarding , deployment and roll offs
      • Support to training and enablement
    • Ensure that resource requirements for billable engagements (Turnkey Projects, Managed Services, and Time & Material) are satisfied on time and based on expected experience and skills;
    • Lead the regular Resource Management meetings, resource requirements analysis, and facilitate resource-related discussion with your stakeholders;
    • Ensure that future/potential resource requirements are consistently tracked, aged, and released based on BA’s Resource Management Policy;
    • Ensure that the CV/Profile and Skill/Experience Inventory of all BILLABLE resources are regularly updated and stored in the official repository and can be readily accessed by interested and authorized stakeholders;  Skills inventory may also be requested by other divisions, or external entities, e.g., principals and partners
    • Ensure that BA’s Unbillable Productive Hours are within the acceptable range based on BA’s Resource Management Policy;
    • Ensure that BA’s Bench is consistently at an optimal level based on BA’s Resource Management Policy;
    • Ensure that Resource Management Reports are sent out to appropriate stakeholders on time and with accurate data, to highlight:
      • Ageing Bench resources;
      • Ageing future/potential resource requirements;
      • Unfulfilled current and future/potential resource requirements, both for internal fulfillment and external hiring;
      • YTD Bench Mandays (broken down per Practice and per Level);
      • Projected Bench Mandays at Year’s End;
      • YTD Billed Mandays (broken down per Practice and per Level);
      • Projected Billed Mandays at Year’s End;
      • YTD Unbillable but Productive Mandays (broken down per Practice and per Level);
      • Projected Unbillable but Productive Mandays at Year’s End;
      • Attrition Risks and Actual Attritions requiring resource replacements.
    • Work with Human Resources, Learning & Development, Practice Leads and other appropriate stakeholders to ensure training and development plans and performance reviews are in place and implemented for all resources in the BA division;
    • Work with Practice Leads and Learning & Development initiate upskilling based on business/market demands and opportunities;
    • Work with Local and Regional Recruitment to ensure that vetted and approved resource gaps that cannot be fulfilled internally are addressed through external hiring at the appropriate time;
    • Lead the draft and issuance of Project Deployment Details to BA consultant, in collaboration with PMO Head, Practice Leads and PMs;
    • Work with Thakral One PH’s RM Specialist to ensure that BA’s Resource Plan supports, and is aligned to, Thakral PH’s overall business direction and needs;
    • Coordinate with other service vendors to fulfill certain resource requirements.
  • As a member of BA’s Consulting Ops, you will:
    • Manage small-to-medium projects and monitor Managed Services and Time & Material engagements to ensure that:
      • The appropriate stakeholders, especially on the client side, are promptly informed about resource movements (onboarding, offboarding/resignations);
      • That Thakral One complies with clients’ onboarding/offboarding requirements/policies;
      • That clients are invoiced on time;
    • Participate in internal initiatives, commensurate to your level and competency, as part of BA’s aspiration to continuously improve its delivery capabilities and operational efficiencies; you will also be encouraged to contribute ideas, and even volunteer to take on a leadership role on some of these initiatives;
    • Support the Practice Leads in their Presales, Pilots/Proof of Concept activities as needed.
  • Additional Responsibilities
    • Build a trusted relationship with the internal stakeholders, Sales Teams, and other division members.
    • Travel locally or internationally to support BA’s business requirements as appropriate for your role and level
    • Meet your administrative obligations to Thakral One as defined by Human Resources.
    • Take on the role of Functional Manager to mid-level and junior resources, as applicable
    • Represent BA to other Thakral One divisions as appropriate.


  • Resource Management: Process, Techniques, and Tools (Excel, MS Project)
  • Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, Decision-making
  • Written and oral communication
  • Inter-personal skills
  • Self-managing / Self-driven / Independent
  • Ability to function effectively even in stressful and fast-paced situations
  • Collaborative / Team Player
  • Leadership and management skills that can be developed as you gain experience and tenure in Thakral One
  • Role is also expected to be very responsive and available to support emergency plans, back up and support for critical cases, to co-facilitate call tree execution for emergency situations, and other urgent support requirements from RM and Consulting Operations 
  • Bachelor’s degree preferably in Business, IT, or related field.
  • With total of 5 year experience in IT and Consulting
  • 3 to 5 years relevant experience in Resource Management and Consulting Operations

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