Risk Manager

Location: Thailand


Risk Manager

Role Description

End-to-end coordination and oversight of all authorisation and fraud  payment success optimisation themed recommendations shared with the issuer as part of the diagnostic and assessment phases

Key Requirements

Adept domain expert in card authorisations and fraud risk management process operating in a bank’s credit card environment with familiarity to authorisation data elements and messaging, host system configurations and strategy development to balance risk and customer experience across the lifecycle.


5 years’ experience in managing authorisation and/ or fraud risk management strategies, performance and/or client outreach and communications in the related domain. Knowledge of technology platforms support auth/fraud communications and analytics experience would be a plus.

Existing Profile and Responsibilities

  • Developing an overall strategic plan for the card authorization function
  • Ensuring robust setup of rules in the authorization host system
  • Perform on-going monitoring and analysis on the authorization and transactional data
  • Identifying anomalous patterns and trends and share observations with fraud risk teams
  • Ensure consistent and improving approval rates to deliver enriched CX
  • Ability to analyze authorization and fraud risk data to derive insights
  • Generating insights and reports from data for tactical and strategic decision-making
  • Developing and maintaining systems for fraud risk analytics and Management Information System (MIS)
  • Proficient in local language and working English skills

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