Technical Lead

Location: Vietnam


Senior Technical Consultant


Leads the design, development, testing, implementation and/or maintenance support services for Data Management and/or Business Intelligence products.  Manifests expertise in a specific Data Foundation solution. Has exposure and working level knowledge of setting up API based integration for the purpose of Data & Analytics Operationalization.  Has exposure and knowledge in the end to end implementation of data and analytical solutions. Has the capacity to perform data architecture.

  • Drive technical requirements gathering, layout of the technical specifications and cascade to development team.
  • Work with the business analyst in the gathering and analysis of the functional and non-functional requirements for the solution providing the perspective for the various aspects of the data strategy including sourcing, storage and provision
  • Understand the business needs and data requirements in order to translate them into technical work products; Clarifies with the business analysts and other members of the team as necessary
  • Assist the solution architect with the features of the tool in order to properly consider possibilities and constraints for implementation
  • Perform data architecture tasks including data models/structures and definition of a data strategy – from access, integration and preparation, to storage and provisioning to end users
  • Actively participate in the understanding of the data sources and designs the extraction, transformation, cleansing and integration processes that may have to be applied based on the gathered rules
  • Lead the development and execution of queries/data ingestion processes from the data source; This may be batch or real-time extraction depending on the need of the customer
  • Lead the development of the technical work products and build specialization in a combination of the following:
    • ETL packages
      • Includes the batch or real-time extraction, transformation, integration and loading of data within a traditional Data Warehouse or Database Management environment
      • Includes the orchestration of the ETL packages
    • Data Engineering solution
      • Includes the batch or real-time ingestion and transformation of data within a Big Data or Data Lake environment
      • Includes the orchestration of the Big Data codes
    • API based Integration
      • REST or SOAP APIs as funnels to transport data exchange between 2 applications
    • Reporting or Visualization objects
      • Includes the data preparation and the visualization, formatting of data, as well as the publication of reports to the Server/Cloud environment
      • Includes the definition of the reporting/visualization metadata – covering the data access, creation of queries or data extract, modelling and definition of fields and calculations
  • Identify areas where test automation can be implemented to improve team efficiency and execute
  • Conduct unit testing and troubleshooting
  • Lead the integration of the developed components
  • Assist in the User Acceptance Test activities with primary focus on the investigation of testing results/feedback
  • Provide maintenance and support services to the technical work products developed
  • Provide updates to the project manager regarding the status of activities
  • Raise any issues encountered to the team lead for immediate action and/or resolution
  • Assist in the creation and update of technical documentation


  • Knowledge in more advance facets of data management – including data quality management, data architecture, metadata management and data governance
  • Expertise in reporting/visualization and data preparation components of the tools: Microsoft Power BI, Reporting Services, SAS Visual Analytics, SAS Enterprise Guide, Base SAS, Tableau


  • Expertise in any of the following data management solutions: Informatica, Datastage, Microsoft Integration Services, SAS Data Integration, Talend Data Integration, MapReduce, Python+Spark
  • Expertise in database management systems including tables, views, relationships, ER Diagrams
  • High proficiency in understanding and writing SQL Queries
  • High proficiency in database models for analytics
  • Has the capacity to continuously establish a deeper understanding of the best practices for development of work products for data management or reports/visualization
  • Has good communication and technical writing skills

Education and Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree preferably in Business, Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics or related field.
  • Has 8 to less than 11 Years of experience in data management and reporting/visualization
  • Has participated in more than 6 projects with exposure on multiple foundation solutions wherein the understanding of the end to end perspective has been reinforced – which can be various tools from a specific vendor or multiple tools from different vendors
  • Has achieved complete certification in at least 2 foundation tools (i.e. ETL/DI + Front-End)

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