VBA/Macro Developer

Location: Philippines


VBA/Macro Developer


Provides Visual Basic for Application (VBA)/Macro development, testing and support within Microsoft Excel. Interface with the SAS application to prepare the data for consumption by the VBA program.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Understands the business needs and data requirements (specific to the reporting templates to be generated for regulatory compliance) in order to translate them into VB for Excel/Macro work products
  • Provides input to the design of the user interface and automation approach
  • Provides recommendations to the reports generation component (i.e. parameterization) to ensure that they can be easily maintained by the customer for any adjustments or enhancements
  • Develops and execute queries from the SAS application and conduct the necessary analysis
  • Develops the VBA/Macro programs in Excel and ensure that they are ready for operationalization
  • Conducts unit testing and troubleshooting
  • Collaborates with teams to integrate the Report Templates with the entire solution
  • Assists in the User Acceptance Test activities with primary focus on the investigation of testing results/feedback
  • Provide maintenance and support services to the technical work products developed
  • Provides updates to the team lead regarding the status of activities
  • Raises any issues encountered to the team lead for immediate action and/or resolution
  • Provides mentorship to the junior members of the team for developing VBA/Macros is Excel
  • Assists in the creation and update of technical documentation, including user manual and operations guide
  • Provides support to the implemented application during warranty or post-implementation phase

Additional Responsibilities

  • Participates in various technical and/or functional enablement activities to build skills
  • Participates in any knowledge sharing session – wherein various project experiences and new learnings may be shared, presented and discussed
  • Collaborates with other members of the team to promote learning
  • Adheres to the administrative requirements which includes the Time Sheet Reporting and Leaves Application


Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities

  • Software development experience in Visual Basic for Application (VBA) for Excel
  • Excellent code reading and debugging skills
  • Knowledge in database management systems including tables, views, relationships, ER Diagrams
  • Understanding and writing SQL Queries
  • Must have a full knowledge  on ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) 
  • Has the capacity to continuously establish a deeper understanding of the best practices for development of work products for data management or reports/visualization • Has good communication and technical writing skills

Education, Certifications, and Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree preferably in Business, Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics or related field.
  • Has at least 1 year of experience in VBA/Macro for Excel, data management and reports development 

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