Software Engineers

Location: Singapore

The Role

We are looking for Language agnostic people with end-to-end tech stack


Build state of the art centralized platforms and envision enterprise-wide entitlements platform and align it with Bank’s NextGen technology vision.

Programming Qualifications:

  • In depth knowledge of IDE, language and toolset in language of choice.
  • Excellent understanding of language & framework and a good working knowledge of the abstraction layer underneath
  • Build microservices.
  • Can profile and optimize code
  • Good knowledge of other programming languages & paradigms and when to apply them
  • Comfortable debugging/finding complex problems

Design Qualifications:

  • Can identify and apply appropriate design patterns to problems.
  • Comfortable developing large features
  • Good understanding of cohesion, SOLID and how to apply
  • Writes clean, maintainable code
  • Understands importance of domain model and can coherently model a problem domain within a given context
  • Anticipates medium term (3-6 month) vectors of change and designs and abstracts accordingly
  • Understands how to design for performance at all levels

Development Practice Qualifications:

  • Automates everything by default
  • Can build a CD pipeline
  • Automates security scanning and performance testing as part of build
  • Monitor systems to ensure they meet both user needs and business goals
  • Oversee assigned programs (e.g. conduct code review), set and monitor team standards.
  • Evaluate and select appropriate software or hardware and suggest integration methods
  • Focus on reliability, performance and availability

Infrastructure Qualifications:

  • Understands and can automate PaaS technologies
  • Understands when to apply appropriate infrastructure technologies.

Security Qualifications:

  • Writes Secure code by default
  • Can use tools (nmap/metasploit etc.) to perform deep security probes
  • Understands server hardening
  • Understating of security principles using SSL protocols and data encryption

Expected Skills

  • Hands-on skills in Java and J2EE specifications like JAX-RS, JAX-WS
  • Cloud Solutions – working on Azure or AWS
  • Containers Management – using tools like Docker, Rocket and Drawbridge
  • Elastic Scaling – using tools like Nginx, HAProxy or PAAS like Openshift
  • Dynamic Discover – using tools like Zookeeper or Etcd
  • Configuration Management – using tools like Zookeeper, Etcd, Spring, Puppet/Chef, Ancible
  • Continuous Integration – using tools like Maven, Gradle and Jenkins
  • Continuous Deployment – using tools like Jenkins, Nolio or Go
  • Assembly Development – using frameworks like Apache Camel
  • UI Development – using frameworks like Node.js, REACT, AngularJS or Backbone
  • IDL Definition – using tools like RAML or Swagger
  • Code Development – using IDE’s like Eclipse or IntelliJ
  • Web API’s – for Information Exchange
  • Collaboration – using tools like Git-Hub and JIRA
  • Hands experience and Knowledge of microservices architecture – Spring Boot, Spring cloud
  • Strong in Oracle or SQL Server PL/SQL development and designing data model.
  • Hand on experience on NoSQL – Neo4j/Solr/Elastic Search/Cassandra, etc.
  • Understanding of continuous build concept and usage with maven, sonarqube or other related tool

Preferred Competencies

  • Web services, API design, Defining Specification using swagger/RAML.
  • Dev Ops Tools and CI/CD Processes – GitFlow, BitBucket etc.
  • Experience with automated test configuration.
  • Good to have experience in containerization technologies – Kubernetes
  • Performance Improvement / Analysis skills
  • Integration Patterns and best practices
  • Data Analytics and Data Loading Techniques
  • Resource monitoring / Benchmarking standards
  • Education
  • 10+ years of experience in developing world class products/applications.
  • Bachelor’s in engineering or equivalent
  • Master’s in engineering desirable

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