Improving Operations of a Popular Retail Store Chain through Data and Insights

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A popular retail and convenience store chain in Myanmar was looking to make data access fast and intuitive with embedded analytics. This would provide them with a more in-depth view of their operations ensuring an efficient analysis of key performance indicators and customer growth.

Thakral One partnered with the client to execute the following:

  • Install a data management system enabling faster data storage and retrieval using leading analytical tools and platforms.
  • Make data storage and retrieval faster and more efficient for multiple users across various software applications.
  • Analytics services were employed in preparation for studying the present and future sales data gathered through the client’s operations.

Installation of a data management system with integrated analytics capabilities resulted in:

  • A setup of a production environment for Business Intelligence and Reporting
  • A set of reports for the company’s retail sales which provided new insights on their performance levels and opportunities for growth.

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