Setting up an Analytics Practice for a Vietnam-based Insurance company

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The Vietnam-based branch of a Multinational Insurance Company rolled out a major initiative to infuse data analytics into their business process, in order to provide additional value to customers.

To achieve these objectives, Thakral One stepped in to do the following:

  • Identified the best ways to embed analytics into their business practices.
  • Facilitated the development of models using data collected through internally designed use cases.

In addition, Thakral One supported the client in the following support roles:

  • Deployed and supported new analytics roles.
  • Oversaw the development of models and data marts. Previously- collected data had to be profiled, cleansed, and projected into use cases to serve as the basis for the design of data warehouse.
  • Secured stakeholder buy-in, by engaging with IT and Product Development experts, as well as Marketing to collect insights and develop relevant use cases.

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