Accelerating User Testing Analyses of a Private Bank with Automated Processing

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A large international Private Bank was looking to increase automation in user testing and software development to augment their existing core banking services.

A collaboration with Thakral One paved way for a transformation of the Bank’s services while gaining trust and forming a strong relationship with senior management and core banking vendor.

Within a short lead-time of 6 months, the partnership with Thakral One enabled the following:

  • A shift in the developer’s process to require zero manual instructions.
  • Developers were no longer required to be physically present for testing.
  • Automation was up at 80%, thus reducing the window for delivering and processing information from 20 hours to 20 minutes.
  • Increased the number of release windows for UAT from once weekly to twice weekly, and SIT from twice weekly to daily upon demand, which in turn expedited many processes requiring user data.

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