Data And Analytics

Enabling adoption of advanced data solutions, models and AI

All areas of today’s modern businesses can gain competitive advantage by unlocking valuable insights, improving business processes, and delivering new applications or services. However, different organisations are at various stages in terms of extracting value from data: some deal with basic issues around data quality or consolidation, while others are already executing complex data-driven programs at scale. Whether you are just building a data strategy or seeking new ways to innovate with data, our consultants are here to help.


Why Thakral One?


Business Impact

We provide quick, measurable results.


Beyond Analytics

We help you align technology, data and people towards meeting your goals.


End-to-end Services

We can support you throughout every stage of your analytics journey.


Ahead of the Curve

We never stop learning and updating our standards and methodologies.

Our Services


Our consultants can help you take your analytics initiatives from drawing board to reality.


Our solutions delivery team provides rigorous execution and implementation of various analytics solutions.

Competency Building

With our Competency Framework we can help you determine and develop the competencies needed for various business intelligence and analytics roles.

Managed Services

We can manage your projects, programs, or even entire data-driven processes such as campaign lifecycle management.

Key Practice Areas

Data Foundation

The Data Foundation practice establishes the processes, policies and technologies that make data reliable, complete and consistent within an analytical ecosystem.

Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics provides the next level of decision support by helping to predict outcomes or generate and compare what-if scenarios.

Big Data and Cloud

We implement Modern Data Platforms to manage complexity driven by the increased volume, velocity and variety of data that stretches the limits of traditional Data Warehousing systems.

Customer Experience

We help organisations to orchestrate personalised and enhanced customer experiences consistently across an expanded array of traditional and digital channels.

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Improving Operations of a Popular Retail Store Chain through Data and Insights

A popular retail and convenience store chain in Myanmar was looking to make data access fast and intuitive with embedded analytics.

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Accelerating User Testing Analyses of a Private Bank with Automated Processing

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